CNN host EXPLODES on Trump’s campaign manager, says he’s a liar

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Certain members of the mainstream media are becoming wise to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s antics, along with the nonsense his campaign spews to the public.

Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper, who called out Trump’s ugly calls for his supporters to shoot Hillary Clinton and Manafort’s subsequent erroneous attacks on Hillary Clinton in an effort to justify Trump’s comments.

Tapper said, “Here’s the thing. It just wasn’t reporters. It was Republicans, it was people in Washington, D.C. who want Mr. Trump to win.” Manafort shot back, “The point is most people did not interpret it that way. It was not at all meant to be a threat. But the point again is you could have covered what he was saying or you could try and take an aside and take the Clinton narrative and play it out. You chose to do that instead.” Manafort then pointed to information about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal which was also released this week, “I mean, there’s plenty of news to cover this week, but I haven’t seen it covered. Instead, you took a side that the Clinton narrative told you was something. Mr. Trump told you he didn’t mean and you played it out for two days. I mean, that’s what we’re talking about.”

The CNN host was not playing games with Manafort’s futile efforts at spinning the story in his favor, “As a factual matter, on Monday, my show covered Mr. Trump’s speech. Okay? We did. We covered Mr. Trump’s speech.” He continued, “So those things, just because you say them, they’re not true. I mean we have been covering the substance. We have been covering things that are bad for Hillary Clinton.”

This stand by Tapper confronting Manafort is not the first time he has called out Trump or the campaign for very thin truth in their spin. He also embarrassed Trump in a previous interview where Trump dodged his questions numerous times. If this trend continues in the media of not allowing Republicans to run off at the mouth without being held accountable for their words it will be a victory for all thinking people in America.

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