CNN commentator paid $20k a month by Trump campaign

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It has been years since CNN could be considered a legitimate network of journalistic integrity and further evidence has emerged which proves that edict. Apparently, a CNN employee is on Donald Trump’s payroll and is receiving a cool $20,000 a month.

The individual in question, Corey Lewandowski, was Trump’s former campaign spokesman and received his latest installment of $20,000 from Trump in July. This was proved by a journalist named Matt Viser who is employed by the Boston Globe. Viser tweeted:

Beyond the way Lewandowski represented himself as Trump’s head campaign bulldog, many in the media questioned if he would be able to unbiasedly discuss politics without using the network as a platform to champion Trump’s candidacy.

However, Lewandowski’s time at CNN is in line with how the network has been run. They were the first major network to give Trump wall-to-wall airplay, and while other networks have begun to be critical of Trump’s campaign, CNN continues to give Trump shining reviews. While all of this cannot be attributed to the presence of Lewandowski, he is certainly a factor.

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