CNN anchor crushes Trump’s adviser for ducking questions

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In proving just how out of touch with reality Donald Trump’s presidential campaign staff is, the executive vice president of Trump’s organization, Michael Cohen, went on cable TV and spewed quite a tale of fiction that was beyond comprehension.

While appearing on CNN Cohen attempted to spin a whopper of a tale that all was right in the world of Trump, and that Trump’s behavior in recent weeks hasn’t completely torpedoed his chances to win the presidency. The host, Brianna Keilar, chose not to treat Mr. Cohen with any sympathy, which treated the audience with a deliciously awkward exchange. She pointed asked Trump’s spinmaster about why the campaign had fired their former campaign director and hired someone else. Cohen said the firing was “not a shakeup”, and Keilar let him have it. She asked, “You say it’s not a shakeup, but you guys are down.”

Cohen replied, “Says who?” Keiler, who lives in reality, told Cohen, “Polls. Most of them. All of them.” Cohen remained incredulous. He again asked, “Says who?” Keiler was not amused. She said, “Polls. I just told you. I answered your question.” Cohen again deflected and sheepishly asked, “OK. Which polls?” To which Keiler snapped back, “All of them.”

This inability to recognize or admit weakness is the downfall of the Trump campaign. Rather than speaking candidly about the issues facing Trump’s candidacy, instead they seek to hide the truth from the American people. In fact, Cohen did the exact opposite, and lashed out at Keiler on Twitter. He said:

Sounds about par for the course for Trump and his goons, no?

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