Clinton calls out Trump on debate schedule

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The Clinton campaign came out swinging against Donald Trump on Monday night in an attempt to rebuke the faux-billionaire’s complaints about the upcoming debate schedule.

John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, released a statement which said Clinton, “looks forward to participating in all three presidential debates. The only issue now is whether Donald Trump is going to show up.”

It was a curious move considering Donald Trump has not yet stated he will not participate in any of the debates, and the letter is perceived by many as an effort to preempt Trump’s likely complaints about the debate schedule.

Podesta went on to say, “Our campaign is not interested in playing along with a debate about debates or bargaining around them.”
As a point of fact, according to the bipartisan debate commission, “A debate has never been rescheduled as a result” of a participant complaining about the schedule. In a nation of highly competitive individuals where every hour counts, it is impossible to accommodate¬†all views as they are not taken into consideration.
Clinton’s campaign manager then stated, “It is concerning that the Trump campaign is already engaged in shenanigans around these debates. It is not clear if he is trying to avoid debates, or merely toying with the press to create more drama.”

If all goes according to the preset schedule, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be sharing a stage for the first time on September 26 in Long Island at Hofstra University. Who shows up ready to face the nation remains to be seen.

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