BOMBSHELL: Melania Trump Lied About Immigration Status

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Donald Trump has been in literally thousands of law suits, most filed by him. His go to lawyer isn’t a huge fan of his anymore, openly endorsing Hillary – since then he’s spilled the beans on Melania’s immmigration status.

Melania claimed that everything about her immigration story was legitimate.
“I have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. Period.” Melania said in an interview Larry King

Via OccupyDemocrats: According to Wildes, “Ms. Trump received citizenship in 2006 and prior to that she had a green card based on marriage.” This bombshell reveals Melania lied about Trump being her only husband as she was married a full four years before she married the faux-billionaire in 2005.

Wildes has said he plans to release evidence which proves that Melania’s immigration status is in question. The Trump camp has refused to comment on the story entirely.

ViaRawStory: Wildes, a former federal prosecutor (…) was authorized by the Trump Organization “to speak on the matters concerning Melania.” He said that he obtained visas and “green cards” for participants in the Miss Universe pageant while it was owned by the real estate mogul.

Her “story” about going through the immigration process like everyone else, isn’t exactly 100% true… Or true at all. She married as a way to get her green card, a path not available to the non-supermodel crowd.

Melania was married for a full four years before she shacked up with the Donald! Despite representations that the GOP is the “family values” party, Trump’s been married three times and now we know Melania has twice.

Is anyone else wondering if her last husband didn’t marry her for her personality?

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