Black NYTimes columnist destroys Trump’s appeals to black voters, calls him ‘insidious’

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been spending much of his campaign speeches attempting to reach out to black voters, with little success. New York Times columnist Charles Blow, who is black, is not impressed and he did not hold back as he unleashed his fury on Trump during an appearance on CNN’s New Day.

Blow began by calling out Trump’s nonsense rhetoric, “First off, we have to stop calling this an outreach to black people,” Blow said. “It’s an outreach to white people. It is not an outreach to black people. That is a lie and we know it is a lie.” A host asked the columnist, “Why is it a lie?” and the fireworks began. Blow takes serious umbrage against Trump and described Trump’s  speech, “It is the most insidious kind if bigotry. It’s the kind of bigotry that says, ‘I will knock you down while I pretend to pick you up. It’s the kind of bigotry that says, ‘I’m not talking to you. I am talking to the guy behind you.’ It’s the kind of bigotry that says, ‘I am urinating on you and telling you to dance in the rain.'”

The award-winning columnist was not done there. His dissection continued, “This is the most horrible kind of bigotry, and the fact that people keep asking the same question, particularly to black commentators like me, ‘Is he reaching out to black people?’ he is not reaching out to black people!  There is nothing about his appeal that has any resonance with anyone black that I can even find. I had to look at some of the largest black websites that I could find just to see if I could find anybody who was taking this seriously. Not a single person that I could find was taking this seriously. The only people taking this seriously is white people.”

In an attempt to play devil’s advocate a host asked Blow, “The white people you say he is reaching out to, doesn’t he already have that?” but he wasn’t willing to play along. Blow said, “No he does not have the ones you were just talking about. It is the moderate ones who say, ‘I don’t want to be the woman/man who votes for the racist guy’ and if this guy (Trump) can now change their opinion and say ‘I still want to be a conservative but not one who votes for the racist guy.’ Because now he’s different, but he is not different. He’s not talking to us, he’s pretending to talk to us. He’s pretending to talk to us as he talks to you.  This is an insult to all people of color — black, Hispanic and otherwise. Because he is using us as pawns to make himself look less racist and “get to” white voters who have been reluctant to support him.”

Watch the epic takedown below:

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