Bill Maher and Michael Moore say they stole a copy of Trump’s taxes

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Famed filmmaker Michael Moore and legendary stand-up comedian and HBO host Bill Maher decided to take matters into their own hands in regards to locating the mysterious and much sought after tax returns of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The two are some of Trump’s most famous detractors who happened to both be at a New York Mets game when they devised their devious scheme. One of the two realized that they were exceptionally close to the faux-billionaires private jet, which was still on the runway when they decided to share their plan with the world via social media.

Moore shared on Instagram, “Bill Maher and I at the Mets game today, planning the next crazy thing we’ll get Trump to say (yes, Bill & I have a special high-frequency machine that sends signals to Trump’s “brain”; we’re the ones responsible for him yelling at that baby.)”

In what may have been a staged photographic opportunity Bill Maher is seen standing on a set of steps right next to Trump’s plane. Moore Tweeted:

Maher triumphantly held a folder above his head as if he had just discovered the holy grail. Did the contents of the folder actually contain Trump’s tax returns?

If Maher and Moore were able to actually sneak onto Trump’s plane, and if Trump were dumb enough to leave his tax records on board it would be a devastating blow for Trump’s candidacy. No word has been given if and when the dynamic duo will share the contents of the mystery folder held so gleefully above Maher’s head. The world will wait on pins and needles for the two to let the world know if they will share what they claim is the silver bullet to end Trump’s presidential bid.

Trump’s campaign has not commented on the actions of Maher and Moore, but Trump tweeted on August 28 he would be willing to release his health records if Hillary Clinton were willing to do the same.

This is truly the most bizarre presidential contest in American history.

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