Barbara Bush ANNIHILATES Donald Trump In Candid Interview Going Viral

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Republicans are jumping off of the Trump “train” faster than people on the Titanic. In an interview with CBS This Morning Jeb Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, wife to former president George H.W. Bush, gave commentary on the election. Jeb Bush was treated extremely badly by Trump, who branded him as “low energy Jeb”. Jeb recently came out to criticize Trump’s xenophobia as un-American.

Mrs. Bush characterized Trump as a “comedian”, that she couldn’t conceive of supporting him.

“What about women? I don’t know how women could vote for someone who said what he said about Megyn Kelly. It’s terrible! And we knew what he meant too.” Mrs. Bush said.

This was in response to Trump speaking about Megyn Kelly after she asked him questions during a televised Fox debate. He referred to the fact that she seemed deranged, blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her “wherever”. A reference to the fact that she must have been on her menstrual cycle. Trump’s understanding of women being that any women who doesn’t fawn over him is somehow nutty or inferior in some way.

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