Anti-gay bigot Tony Perkins lost his family’s home in a ‘bliblical’ flood

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While one typically doesn’t take pleasure in learning a family has been displaced due to a natural disaster, in this case, an exception can certainly be made without an ounce of shame. Tony Perkins is one of America’s biggest bigots and the president of the anti-gay “Family Research Council” an extreme right-wing┬áChristian organization whose Louisiana home was washed away in a flood.

Perkins shared his tale of deserved woe on a broadcast of the predictably drab radio show hosted by the Family Research Council. He said, “This is a flood, I would have to say, of near biblical proportions.” Might Perkins attribute his family’s loss as a rebuke from the lord himself? Everything happens for a reason, according to Perkins. He went on to say the flood had been a “blessing from God” and that he and his family were now “living off of God’s provisions.” Whatever that means. At this time the Perkins family is now living in a trailer.

In the past, religious leaders have attributed natural disasters to a variety of sources. None of which had anything to do with the environment. Instead, they have absurdly postulated the 2005 flood of New Orleans was caused by abortion. Another actually stated with a straight face, in a solemn tone, that the flood was initiated to stop a gay pride parade. It is difficult to imagine this babbling stupidity having an ounce of credence, and yet millions of individuals believe this clap-trap.

Listen to all of the interview by Perkins below:

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