Anchor DESTROYS Trump – Calls Him A Bull Sh*t Artist AGAIN & AGAIN

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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria is making it publicly clear that he thinks Donald Trump is a bull shit artist. He even used the word bull shit four times, and the term BS another 6 times after that.

Via RawStory: “I was asked by CNN to make one more case where Donald Trump had said something demonstrably false and then explained it away with a caustic tweet and an indignant interview,” Zakaria said. “I replied that there was a pattern here and there is a term for a person who did this kind of thing — a bullshit artist. I was not using that label casually, and in case you have sensitive ears, I’m going to use it a few more times.”

Zakaria is the host of GPS, himself an immigrant, he is pro-globalization, against xenophobia, having written a book about how the world will adapt to the changing times of the internet and expedited international relations.

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