Al Gore pleads with voters to support Clinton for the sake of the planet

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Former Vice President Al Gore, who lost in 2000 to George W. Bush, knows a thing or two about third party candidates spoiling an election. That is why he felt compelled to break his silence about the circus of a political season we are having to encourage voters to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president

Gore granted a rare interview with Think Progress. He stated he would be voting for Clinton and implored individuals to support Clinton. He said, “I urge everyone else to do the same. I particularly urge anyone who is concerned about the climate crisis, sees it as the kind of priority that I see it as, to look at the sharp contrast between the solar plan that Secretary Clinton has put forward, and her stated commitment to support the Clean Power Plan, and the contrast between what she has said and is proposing with the statements of the Republican nominee, which give me great concern.”

The former senator from Tennessee gained worldwide acclaim after his film “An Inconvenient Truth” shocked audiences everywhere at the environmental state of the planet. Gore continued, “I would also urge them to look carefully, as I know they have, at the consequences of going in another direction for the third or fourth alternative. The harsh reality is that we have two principal choices. And I am supporting Hillary Clinton. Again I respect those who analyze the situation differently, but in my experience, it matters a lot.”

The comments from Gore should not go unheeded. The contest between Trump and Clinton is anything but assured as politics is an unpredictable business.

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