A stunning number of voters won’t support Trump if he doesn’t release his taxes

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Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is unprecedented in American presidential politics and the decision to do so will have heavy consequences with potential voters in November.

Polling conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Fortune shows that a significant number of voters care very much if Trump releases the information before the election.

Out of 1,931 registered voters who were queried a stunning 45% agreed that Trump not releasing a tax return made them have a less favorable view of Trump and a whopping 37% said they will be less likely to vote for Trump in a general election. For an individual who requires turning a significant number of voters to his side to win the presidency, Trump is asking for trouble by continuing to refuse to abide by the national standard.

While Donald Trump has bragged incessantly about his charitable givings, which he claims is in the millions of dollars, there is little evidence to substantiate he has donated more than $10,000 in the last 8-years. For Trump to prove his true charitable nature, he must release his tax returns and if the returns show he hasn’t donated as much as he has claimed 45% of Republican voters say they are less likely to support his presidency at the voting booth. However, those same voters did not state who they would support if they did not vote for Trump.

The true test Trump faces is if he has paid the same tax rate he has claimed to have paid and if he has not 41% of all individuals polled said they would be less likely to vote for him.

All of these numbers reduce down to the sum total that the American people are aware of Trump’s rhetoric, and they are waiting for him to put up or shut-up. If he chooses to do so before November remains to be seen.

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