Unarmed Black Man Shot By Police While Helping Patient

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Charles Kinsey, 47, a therapist helping a mentally disabled patient was shot by an officer in North Miami while being filmed on the ground with his hands in the air. Kinsey survived the shooting, which has now exploded across Social Media. In it you can see him laying on the ground, complying with the officers, with his patient screaming in clear angry disorientation, until he’s shot. The incident is being investigation by the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement.

Officers responded to a call that a man with a gun was in the street and threatening to hurt himself. According to MotherJones:
Officers “attempted to negotiate” with the men, “one of whom was later identified as suffering from autism,” a spokesperson for the police department said in a statement, and “at some point” during the encounter, an officer shot Kinsey. The actual shooting was not captured in two videos of the incident circulating online. No gun was recovered from the scene, according to Miami police chief Gary Eugene.

Kinsey reported that the man in question, his patient, was an autistic man who had wandered away from their facility. He had left to retrieve him. Three shots were fired, one hit Kinsey in the leg. It’s unclear who they were aiming for. Three officers were on scene, two with pistols drawn, another with a rifle.

It took paramedics 20 minutes to arrive and help Kinsey, who was handcuffed after being shot, put and kept face down on the street.

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