Trump’s VP: Name Calling Has No Place In Politics

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Mike Pence during an interview said that name calling doesn’t have any place in public life. That’s Trump’s VP saying that he finds insults offensive…? Wait, what?

Hugh Hewitt: So you dismiss the demagogue?

Gov. Mike Pence: But I’ve found him to be, well, you know, I don’t think name calling has any place in public life, and I thought that was unfortunate that the president of the United States would use a term like that, let alone laced into a sentence like that. But I just don’t see it. I see, I think what I have found in Donald Trump is this is a man of enormous accomplishment

This comes the same day as Trump rolled out a new nickname for Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg “Little Michael Bloomberg” before he went on a rampage against “Crooked Hillary”.

Via Politico: Trump blasted Clinton amid the tweetstorm Friday, boasting how often he was mentioned in her “very long and very boring speech” while also accusing her of lying — “in her very average scream!” — and losing.

Did Pence momentarily forget that he is running as Trump’s Vice Presidential pick? There’s entire lists dedicated to Trump’s insults. The New York Times made a list of 250 of them. Trump has insulted women, races of people, religions of people, the handicapped, he even takes on Conservative’s – calling Fox News sweetheart Megyn Kelly a bimbo.

Compilation of Trump’s Cringe Worthy Moments

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