Top Reaganite Voting For Hillary

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Doug Elmets worked in the Reagan administration, and is a staunch Republican, a Republican who isn’t voting for Trump. Elmets on Thursday night addressed the DNC to endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

“It’s an honor to be here. Candidly, it’s also a shock … because, unlike many of you, I’m a Republican…I’m here tonight to say, I knew Ronald Reagan. I worked for Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan.”

Via HuffPo:“This year’s Republican platform is the most alarming I’ve ever seen,” Elmets continued. “It’s laced with anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-women positions that do not represent the views of most Americans. That is why this year I will vote for a Democrat for the first time.”

Elmets spoke before a Democratic crowd, but looking into the cameras, he urged Republicans watching on TV to consider switching over with him this time around. He contrasted Reagan’s famous call to “tear down this wall,” referring to the Berlin Wall, with Trump’s call to “build the wall” along the U.S.-Mexican border. He credited Reagan with understanding nuance, compared to Trump’s “us vs. them” approach to diplomacy.

Jennifer Pierotti Lim followed Elmets in the speaking order, and is another Republican voting for Hillary. Lim is not just endorsing Clinton, she plans to knock on doors, make phone calls, and even donate to Clinton – despite being a Republican.

Via LATimes: “It’s really important that Republican leaders, especially Republican women leaders, stand up right now and say we’re not OK with Trump representing our party,” Lim told CNN last month. “This was a long road for me to get here.”

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