Russia Threatens Clinton With Confidential Email Release

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At face value the leaking of emails feels primarily like the “system” was rigged against Bernie Sanders. It didn’t reveal anything new, it only confirmed what people already had figured out, that top Democrats such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz were in the bag for Clinton and were actively lacking enthusiasm for Sanders. What people have skipped over is the fact that these emails were released through Wikileaks but were not in fact the typical thing a leak would entail. A leak would be new and pertinent information for the public. This was a hack. There’s an important distinction between a leak and a hack.

Further, the question is where did Wikileaks obtain these documents as a source. The answer is Russia. Russian state hackers were monitoring communications at the DNC for over a year. The emails they released were specifically released to harm Democrats, specifically Clinton, and thus bolster Trump. Putin, who openly hates Clinton, and prefers Trump, who himself has ties to the Kremlin, is thus being propped up by a foreign government.

Via Slate: But this document dump wasn’t a high-minded act of transparency. To state the obvious, only one political party has been exposed. (Selectively exposed: Many emails were culled from the abridged dump.) And it’s not really even the inner workings of the Democrats that have been revealed; the documents don’t suggest new layers of corruption or detail any new conspiracies. They’re something closer to the embarrassing emails that fly across every office in America—griping, the testing of stupid ideas, the banal musings that take place in private correspondence. The emails don’t get us much beyond a fact every sentient political observer could already see: Officials at the DNC, hired to work hand in glove with a seemingly inevitable nominee, were actively making life easier for Hillary Clinton. It didn’t take these leaks to understand that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a hack and that the DNC should be far more neutral in presidential primaries.

Continued From Slate: The DNC dump may not have revealed a conspiracy that could end a candidacy, but it succeeded in casting a pall of anxiety over this election. We know that the Russians have a further stash of documents from the DNC and another set of document purloined from the Clinton Foundation. In other words, Vladimir Putin is now treating American democracy with the same respect he accords his own. The best retaliation isn’t a military one, or to respond in kind. It’s to defeat his pet candidate and to force him to watch the inauguration of the woman he so abhors.

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