RNC Protestors Clash In Day 2, Police Everywhere

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Alex Jones held an America First rally Monday, the first day of the Republican National Convention. Among the crowd were an abundance of people wearing “Hillary For Prison” t-shirts. The rally was largely uneventful aside from being trolled by a comedian. Jones, the owner of InfoWars.com is a conspiracy theorist focusing on most mass media events being government hoaxes to implement a global government. (9/11 being a hoax, Boston bombing, most every mass shooting, ETC.)

Nothing of any particular interest happened at Jones rally yesterday, in fact, there are so many police at the Republican National Convention to monitor the groups it was a relatively peaceful day. That changed, today, slightly.

Via Raw Story:

Footage posted by reporter Aubrey Wheelan shows Jones speaking into a megaphone at the city’s Public Square when he’s interrupted by protesters yelling “Nazi scum” at him. The demonstrators were spotted in the area earlier chanting, “Nazi scum, off our streets.” Wheelan’s video of the encounter can be seen below.

Via TheAtlantic:

Then Alex Jones, the talk-radio host and conspiracy theorist, showed up. Although his own rally in the Flats on Monday was unexpectedly small, a crowd of journalists surged around him as he shouted into a megaphone in the center of the square. A crowd of reporters, observers, and leftist activists stood on steps on the south side of the square, and a few—led by Pat Mahoney, who was waving a red flag and smoking a cigar—started singing to drown him out, delivering several verses of the union anthem “Solidarity Forever.” (Mahoney, of the western suburb of North Olmsted, was wearing an Industrial Workers of the World shirt and identified himself as a member of the Wobblies’ Northeast Ohio chapter.) The scrum around Jones surged toward the steps. There was shoving and shouting, and suddenly it seemed like fights might break out. But peace prevailed, and police made their way in, grabbed Jones, and hustled him out of the square and into his own waiting SUV—followed by cameramen and young men shouting, “InfoWars dot com!”—which then peeled out.

To give you an idea of just how many police there are to monitor the protestors:

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