RNC Day 1: Kasich Smashes Trump

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The RNC starts today, and with it, a war on Trump. Ohio Governor John Kasich didn’t have kind words for Trump or campaign manager Manafort.

Via Politics USA:

Day one of the Republican National Convention and war has already broken out, and this war brings drips of sarcasm and snark that is most decidedly a step up from Trump’s thuggish name-calling.

It all started with Paul Manafort, Trump’s “campaign manager”, accusing Ohio’s Republican Governor and previous 2016 Republican primary candidate John Kasich of refusing to endorse Trump because he wants to be the President, according to a report in the New York Times.

Manafort called Kasich “petulant” and said he is embarrassing the Republican Party in Ohio (talk about projection).

Manafort turned his attention to Kasich Campaign Strategist Weaver, blaming him for Kasich’s absence in an endorsement. Weaver replied:

Manafort’s problem, after all those years on the lam with thugs and autocrats, is that he can’t recognize principle and integrity. I do congratulate him though on a great pivot at the start of the convention after such a successful vice-presidential launch. He has brought great professionalism, direct from Kiev, to Trump world.

Despite pressure from party bosses for Kasich to endorse Trump, he has thus refused to. He’s also refused to suspend gun rights during the Republican National Convention – saying it would be illegal. That in response to the Cleveland police asking officials to stop people showing up with guns in the streets at this weeks Republican National Convention.

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