Officers Arrested For Assaulting White Man, Meanwhile: Silence

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Two police officers have been arrested on multiple counts of simple assault because they were caught on live TV assaulting a white man after a high speed chase that was being broadcast on TV. For those who have been beat up by the police before, it looks like a usual beating, typical douchebag cops put themselves above the law and because they’re annoyed that they had to chase this guy they decided to beat him up once he surrendered. They were caught on camera, so they were subsequently suspended without pay, and now they’re facing charges.


Meanwhile, for all of the shootings(read: murders) there are what essentially amounts to fake trials where if the charges are serious, they walk, and if the charges are light, they might be charged.

Via CNN:
Two New England state troopers were arrested and charged with simple assault in a May car chase that ended in a violent arrest caught on live television, officials said Tuesday.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Joseph Flynn, 32, was charged with two counts of simple assault and New Hampshire State Police Trooper Andrew Monaco, 31, was charged with three counts of simple assault, according to a release from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. Both troopers could face additional penalties because they were on duty at the time of the incident.


It reminds me of a video I watched where a cop gets annoyed with a teenager, so he tasers him for an excessive amount of time until he’s queezing and unconscious and then he lifts him up in the air and tosses him onto the cement face first, putting him into a coma. For that, 4 years. FOUR F****** YEARS. Why is there no role reversal here? If I tase a cop and throw him around, putting him in a coma, assuming I survived being shot by police during the arrest, how long would your sentence be? God only knows.

Watch and decide for yourself:

Alternative View:

When will cops finally get murder charges when they murder someone? This white kid has his life ruined and the cop got 4 years, so what happens if the kid was black, a 4 hour time out?

There is no reason for this to be a politically polarizing issue. Being a police officer is not a holy job, it’s a respectable job, when done properly. These people are not gods, and should not be treated as such.

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