Mike Pence Debunked – Indiana Records Revealed

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Tax Cuts:

Mike Pence enacted the biggest income tax cut in state history! Kevin Drum from Mother Jones wrote

[H]e enacted a cut from 3.4 percent to 3.23 percent. That may not sound all that gigantic, but it turns out the only previous income tax cut in state history was 0.1 percent. So Pence’s cut is the biggest!

Via Fortune: Someone with $50,000 in taxable income will see their previous state income tax bill of $1,700 drop by $85 a year when the cuts are fully in place. That will mean about an extra $3.50 a month starting in January.

Jobs & Unemployment:

The claim that Pence has been good for unemployment is essentially a strawman argument. The population during that period grew, so more people were employed. The rate of unemployment shifted from 8% to 5%, both of these trends were consistent across the rest of the country.

Via Fortune: The U.S. Census Bureau estimates Indiana’s population has grown nearly 9 percent, or about 540,000 people, since 2000 to some 6.6 million residents in 2015.

Nothing special.


Size of Government:

Pence claims he’s reduced the size of government. During 2016, the amount of government employed workers has increased from 116,000 to 117,000. Growth has been curved, however, it has not decreased under Pence as is claimed.


Economic Growth:

Under Pence the GDP grew at the same rate as the rest of the country.


Education / School Funding:

Indiana enacted (under Pence) the largest K-12 education funding increase in the state’s history” Trump said while rolling out Pence as his VP.

The reality is that Indiana rose education funding by $480 million. That sounds like a lot, BUT, it’s actually a 2.3% increase. During the 8 years before Pence was in office the average rate of increase was 2.7%.

On a related note, Pence opposed No Child Left Behind as an education reform, despite the fact that it was a bipartisan plan created by Bush and endorsed and pushed forward by party leaders on both sides of the aisle.

On Public Health: Pence wrote in 1998 “Time for a quick reality check,” he wrote. “Smoking doesn’t kill.” according to The NYT

Personal Life: Pence brags in public that he won’t go somewhere where alcohol is being served without his wife, as a way to avoid temptation. Pence feels strongly about his Christian faith. Proclaiming constantly, “I’m a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican in that order”. As a result, in 2015 he signed a law allowing business owners to refuse service to gays based off of their religious beliefs. This was in response to same-sex marriage being legalized across traditionally Conservative states in the same time period.

Time as a congressman: Pence introduced 90 laws, none passed. Pence lost twice before landing in the house, this put him at odds with the times, having missed Gingrich’s Republican Revolution, instead arriving in lock step with Bush and expansions of the NDAA and the introduction of the Patriot Act, the beginning publicly of the Orwellian super state.

Nothing special at all. It’s a complete myth that Pence’s Conservative “trickle down” policies did anything other than average.

Pence at RNC:

Full Speech: 33 Minutes

Short Speech: 1 Minute 30 Sconds

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