Jon Stewart Returns To Lampoon Republicans

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Jon Stewart has returned to lampoon the Republican madness happening at the RNC. He joined Stephen Colbert, his former pupil, on the Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert. The internet is on fire with wild praise of Stewart, for his scathing and truthful remarks about Trump and his supporters.

Via Variety:
“I’m sure it’s easy for people without ethics or principles to embrace someone who embodies everything they said they hated about the previous president for the past eight years,” said Stewart.

After he drops an expletive in describing Lumpy and his Fox News cohorts, Colbert pops up behind the desk to remind him they’re live. “I’ve never been on a show with stakes before,” quips Stewart.

Stewart’s message for the Trump supporters: “This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it!” he said. “You don’t own patriotism, you don’t own Christianity. You sure as hell don’t own respect for military, police and firefighters.”

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