Hate Groups Join To Form Faction At RNC

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The “Alt-Right” is made up of those who are anti-Muslim, anti-feminist, anti-immigrant, and generally pro-white. They’ve formed a faction of their own consisting of names such as: Pamela Geller, Milo Yiannopoulos, Geert Wilders, Peter Brimelow, Richard Spencer. Milo Y. is currently the top trending topic on Twitter after he was banned for encouraging his 400K followers to harass Leslie Jones, the black female star in the new Ghostbusters movie currently in theaters.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting at a LGBT club the “Alt-Right” has decided that it’s time for gay Conservatives and Anti-Muslim Conservatives to come together and hate Muslims together.

Via TheNation:

In a tanktop adorned with a rainbow and the words “Love wins,” Geller came to join gay conservative, anti-feminist badboy Milo Yiannopoulos in launching a new alliance, uniting gays and right-wing, anti-Muslim activists (Yiannopoulos is both). In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, they think it’s a natural. Killer Omar Mateen claimed the shooting as a blow for ISIS, though it probably had more to do with his own tortured sexual identity and history of mental problems than with his Muslim background.

Richard Spencer coined the term “alt-right” and is an advocate of white ethno politics (read: white supremacy)

“I think with Trump, you shouldn’t look at his policies. His policies aren’t important. What’s most important about Trump is the emotion. He’s awakened a sense of “Us,” a sense of nationalism among white people. He’s done more to awaken that nationalism than anyone in my lifetime. I love the man.”

Here are two icons of the alt-right, Gavin McInness and Milo Y doing an interview on Gavin’s show, on the Anthony Cumia network, which has come under controversy after Cumia went to rehab following allegations of domestic violence and strangulation. Gavin claims he knows the “real story”. It’s all very suspect, considering they are haters of feminists.

Milo is currently headlining in the news with a #FreeMilo hashtag top trending on Twitter following his ban after Jack the founder of Twitter personally took offense to the way he attacked Leslie Jones, a black woman, an actor in Ghostbusters.

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