Gavin Long Video Post Before Shooting Cops

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Gavin Long ran a variety of social media accounts across the net. A video was posted as recently as July 10th, shortly before he killed 3 cops in an “ambush”. In the video he speaks at length about the “need” for violence for those who are oppressed to resolve their issues with their oppressors. In it he speaks at length about how protests don’t do anything, and further about how he doesn’t attend protests because he feels he would be arrested due to his eloquence — which would then result in him convincing other people.

Here is what is known about Gavin Long:

Via Filming Cops

1. He was a black man celebrating his 29th birthday in Baton Rouge, a city that has experienced much tension between its people and its police force.

2. Gavin was awarded placement on the Dean’s List for his excellent grades as a university student.

3. Gavin was a Marine who achieved the rank of sergeant, deployed to Iraq.

Via YouTube:

Long, an African-American man from Kansas City, was shot dead earlier today after he lured officers into an ambush where he managed to kill three and wound three others before he died. It seems that Long decided to commit murder on his 29th birthday, and investigators and the media have picked up an online trail that suggests Long was connected to conspiracy groups and forums discussing the treatment of Black people by police.

Multiple outlets have connected Long to accounts under the name of “Cosmo Setepenra,” who describes himself as a “freedom strategist,” “mental game coach,” and spiritual advisor,” among other things on Twitter and Instagram.

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