Donald Trump Jr. Plagiarism Scandal

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Everyone at the RNC thinks Donald Trump Jr’s speech was amazing… Except for those who were fact checking the speech after last nights debacle where Melania Trump plagiarized large swaths of the speech that Michelle Obama gave at the last DNC. The result? It looks like Don Jr.’s speech has matching text to conservative articles written in previous months.

Originally it was the Daily Show that caught the story:

Here is the text pull from the article:

Via TheAtlantic: It appears from still-ongoing late-night Twitter traffic that the author of the American Conservative article, Frank Buckley, might have been involved in Trump Jr.’s speech and recycled his own words. In any case, he has said cryptically that the situation “wasn’t stealing.” That would make it different from the Melania Trump / Michelle Obama situation, and more in Jonah Lehrer-type territory.

It may be less serious than is currently being reported. His speechwriter is the person who wrote the article in question…. and has come out publicly to say that it “wasn’t stealing”. This comes on the heels of Don Trump Jr. in the morning saying that the speech writers for Melania Trump should have done a better job.

The tradition of a writer giving his ideas to someone else for a speech isn’t a common one. Another excerpt from the Atlantic: as someone who has written both magazine articles and political/presidential speeches, I’ll say that this is something you don’t do this way.You don’t recycle, without attribution, things you’ve written and let someone else present them as his or her own words. At least I haven’t done it myself or previously known of people doing this.

Speech Highlights: (1Minute 30 Second)

Full Speech: (16 Minutes 30 Seconds)

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