Colbert Destroys Melania Trump With Hilarious Mock Video

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Stephen Colbert invited a pretend Melania Trump to the Late Night Show to explain the allegations of her plagiarism. In case you missed it, Melania plagiarized large portions of Michelle Obama’s speech. Originally the Trump campaign denied there was any possible resemblance. Then, after 100 different excuses they blamed it on an intern speech writer. Said speech writer offered her resignation to Trump, who “graciously” did not accept it.

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The original story: Melania Trump’s speech at Monday’s RNC had striking similarities to Michelle Obama’s (plagiarism).  Original video below:

And here’s how Trump voters responded when asked about it:

It doesn’t stop there, the campaign staff had absolutely no idea what to tell the media. Everyone was running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Here’s a collection of the disarray:

Via NYTimes:
“I think if you look at a plagiarism, Jamie — and I remember this from back in school — you’re talking about much broader than what we saw last night, of people who are copying and lifting from speeches. I know her and I don’t believe she would do that. And I don’t believe that last night sounded like anyone other than Melania Trump. I wasn’t sitting there saying, ‘Wow, that sounds like Michelle Obama to me.’ That sounds like Melania Trump to me.” — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Trump campaign adviser, in an interview with Jamie Gangel of CNN


“First of all, we think that Melania’s speech was a great speech. Obviously Michelle Obama feels very similar sentiments toward her family. We’re comfortable that the words that she used are personal to her.” — Mr. Manafort at a briefing Tuesday morning


“I don’t blame her. Some of these things are pretty common types of themes.” — Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman


“I’m sure what happened is the person who was helping write this plucked something in there, an unfortunate oversight, and certainly Melania didn’t have anything to do with it.” — Sam Clovis, a Trump campaign co-chairman, in an MSNBC interview


“If the staff did not do their job properly, and didn’t vet the speech properly based on the larger picture and narrative that she put together, then there should be accountability. No question.” Corey Lewandowski, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager

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