Blue Lives Matter Preaches Hate, Violence

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“Ladies and gentleman, I would like to make one thing very clear: Blue lives matter in America!” Sheriff Clarke said at the RNC. He’s suggested that Black Lives Matter and ISIS will merge out of mutual sympathies. He’s a black sheriff, but finds the Black Lives Matter movement offensive because… (Who knows). Clarke delivered an equally strange speech as Marcus Lutrell, the “Lone Survivor” author, who the movie is based off of. Lutrell made a big deal out of the fact that he was going to stop reading the teleprompter, and then rambled on to say that we need to make the military “elite” again. No one sane could figure out when the US Military stopped being elite, or overly huge.

It’s part of a general theme of Republicans who are disconnected from reality and have come together to form a “Blue Lives Matter” movement, or retort “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter”, finding it somehow offensive that perhaps the systematic arrest/imprisonment/shooting of blacks is offensive?

Via Alternet:
Organized by police officers, their families and their supporters, Blue Lives Matter was founded to support the legal defense of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri cop placed on trial for killing the unarmed black teen Michael Brown in 2015. Mock civil rights marches have been organized under the banner of Blue Lives Matter, with cops and their families parading through the streets of major American cities and even blocking traffic on occasion.

The Blue Lives Matter movement has been an extremely frustrated movement, recently turning to anger. It’s not uncommon for the average member to suggest denying public services to the Black Lives Matter movement, such as police protection. More radical posts have suggested violence against BLM gatherings. Screenshot below:


Via Alternet:

“I hope some crazy, black, ex military personnel decides to shoot up the team and nobody responds to save them… fk BLM,” wrote a commenter named Angela Davis.

“Truth is that it is not a Black Lives Matter movement it is a war on police and white people,” David Gonzales Fumero interjected. He added that BLM was “nothing more than a local terrorist organization committing hate crimes.” Fumero’s post earned 400 likes from fellow Blue Lives Matter community members.

Blue Lives Matter seems to value police life more than any other form of life. They quickly suggested blowing up the house an active shooter had taken refuge in. The moral and legal implications of blowing up American citizens when there isn’t a necessity is disregarded, despite the fact that these are the people who are meant to enforce law.


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